Tafadzwa Machipisa, wins 2nd place at the 16th Meeting of the H3Africa Consortium Virtual Conference 2020

30 Oct 2020 - 08:00

In 2020, the year of ‘everything virtual’, Tafadzwa Machipisa, one of our PhD candidates at the University of Cape Town (HICRA) and McMaster University (Population Health Research Institute, PHRI, Canada), qualified to present into the H3Africa Speed presentations session. Her presentation briefly explained the preliminary results of an in-silico functional analyses tool, DEPICT.

Using the rheumatic heart disease (RHD) susceptibility summary statistics from the genetics of rheumatic heart disease study (RHDGen) study, preliminary findings suggest that top loci/genes associated with RHD susceptibility may be abundant in heart valve tissue. Further work is needed to follow this up.

After her presentation, Tafadzwa successfully scooped the 2nd place prize (along with book vouchers) for her talk entitled: “Preliminary tissue enrichment findings from DEPICT analysis in RHDGen”.  Slides can be found here:

Upon winning this prize, Tafadzwa would like to thank her supervisors for their support: Dr Mark Engel at UCT, SA (image from March 2020 in Canada), Prof. G Pare at McMaster / PHRI , and Prof. B Keavney at the University of Manchester, UK.

Congratulations, Tafadzwa!

More on the RHDGen study: 

*In loving memory of her departed supervisor and mentor, Prof. Bongani Mayosi, the founding principal investigator of the RHDGen study