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Dr Katherine Everett-Murphy

Dr Katherine Everett-Murphy

Dr Katherine Everett-Murphy is a principal research officer in the Chronic Diseases Initiative in Africa (CDIA).

She has a postgraduate qualification in Health Promotion from the University of Galway in Ireland and has recently completed her thesis for a PhD in Public Health at the University of Cape Town. The current focus of her work is developing and testing interventions for lifestyle behavioral change.

Her PhD study involved developing and evaluating a smoking cessation intervention for disadvantaged, pregnant women registering for antenatal care at four public sector, antenatal clinics in Cape Town. The intervention involved the production of media tailored to characteristics and needs of the particular target group, as well as the training of nurses, doctors and peer counsellors in best-practice smoking cessation counselling skills.

From 1996 to 1999, Everett-Murphy held the position of National Director of Health Promotion of the Cancer Association of South Africa. At that time, she was centrally involved in an extensive lobbying campaign in support of the Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act, which, in 1999, banned all tobacco advertising and sponsorship in South Africa and restricted smoking in public places. She has also developed and evaluated programmes promoting HIV prevention, cervical cancer screening, breastfeeding and healthy eating.